Saturday, June 14, 2014

A View From Above

Another photo I captured in one of my walks... which actually inspired two paintings.  This is the first one titled "A View From Above". Painted with Twisted Brush Pro Studio.

Inspiration photo
Blocking, which is done with a pen and blender
The sky was finished, I duplicated it and flipped vertically to capture the bottom and/or water on another layer.
To capture the feel of "flying", I tilted the entire "canvas".
I drew and painted in the plane's wing.
A View From Above final.  I added a little bit of filtering to darken the entire scene.
As I've mentioned above, I created two paintings from the same photo reference, which I titled "Sunset Sail".

Sunset Sail
I've smoothed out the sky and created water.  Embellished it with the palm tree, rocks, sailboat and pelicans, viola!  In the past, I like using the same reference photo a couple of times to create entirely different scenes. It's challenging and fun. 

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