Thursday, June 12, 2014

A View of the Adirondack Mountains

The beginning of A View of the Adirondack Mountains for me was remembering going on vacation and visiting Lake George, NY and Bolton Landing, NY.  What an incredible place and view!  I went looking for images on the net and loosely followed the landscape, but like all my artwork, it never turns out like the photo.  I sometimes use a photo(s) as a guide either for placement of (trees, etc) or use the color palette.

In the first image below, I started blocking, which includes general placement of mountains, water line, trees, etc.  Yes, it's a mess! :)  I'm using Twisted Brush Pro Studio for blocking.  I filled the background with a light grey color and blocking was done with a "gel" pen.  This painting all happens on one layer. (If you are digitally knowledgeable, you know what I'm referring to).

Note:  If using a photo from the internet for reference purpose, please do not use copyrighted photos.  There are many places to obtain free images.  A great resource is Wikipedia or Morgue Files.

Corel Painter X, blending, using a "stump" blender
Twisted Brush Pro Studio
On the above image, after blending, I brought the image (with layers) into Twisted Brush Pro Studio.
I added the trees and foreground.
Final - A View of the Adirondack Mountains

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