Sunday, August 3, 2014

Glass and Light Study

In between painting/sketching, I am still in the process of studying and practicing to paint light, glass and an atmosphere of ambiance.  At this moment,  my software of choice is Sketchbook Pro 6 with a reference (a free photo)  from

Below is a WIP (work-in-progress).  I've drawn the glass containers, using the mirror and ellipse tools to define a reasonable "jar" or candle holder.  They are all on different layers.  If a mistake is made or if I change my mind, I can always delete it without restarting the entire scene or painting.

I've finished the large candle holder, changed it here and there.  I've started working on the second candle holder and I haven't got it right yet.  I changed the candle color, because the yellowish/gold had an almost "poached egg" look to it...whoa!  Also it needs more highlights..and probably "something else"!  I'm giving it a rest for awhile and come back to it. :)


August 6: I have a couple of updates WIP3 & 4.  I'm not sure if it's good, but I will keep trying.  In WIP 3, I finished the 3rd candle holder, added reflections and some "dust".  In WIP 4, I changed the style of the glass and still in the process of being worked on.  Hopfully the next upload is the finished product.


Final. I placed bottles in the background, but didn't want to draw attention to them, I darkened and blurred them out.  This was an interesting study and I'm back to the "drawing board" :).

Glass and Light Study 2014

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