Sunday, August 10, 2014


I have in mind to paint a Florida wetland area.  I started blocking the color and shape with Twisted Brush, using a personal reference for the sky (thanks to my cousin Iris). 

BLOCKING (Twisted Brush Pro)
I usually try to stay with one software, but besides using Twisted Brush Pro Studio,  I went "software wild" and  also implemented  Corel Painter Lite, Photoshop Element 10 and SBP 6.  

From blocking in the colors, I saved the work in a .psd format and finished painting the sky with Corel Painter Lite.

FINISHED SKY (Corel Painter Lite)
Once finished with the sky, I was ready to paint the "wetlands".  I copied the sky and flipped it vertically on the next layer to reflect water.  I stared at the scene before me and started thinking about other scenarios, what if?

I took the layers into SBP6 (Sketchbookpro 6) and thought of  adding a sailboat and changing the scene into an ocean.

SBP6, using a reference from
As the painting progressed, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to add a city skyline, leaving for the weekend, thereby calling it...TGIF

I added the plane taking off (with part of an airfield):

TGIF or Leaving On A Jet Plane

WIP4 (TB program)

TGIF 2014 final
 Guess I will paint Florida Wetlands another time :).

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