Saturday, July 19, 2014


Using Sketchbook Pro 6 (TwistedBrush Pro is for background, texture on wood, florals and greenery), started a sketch and painting the blue bottle.  I've added a preliminary background to get an idea on lighting and such... 


Added a "background"

Below I have added more colors and leaves to the background.  Because I wanted to focus on the bottles, I blurred the background.

Painting bottles...

The image is finished.  I've added a floral, such as the pink hibiscus.  This was painted a long time ago by me and saved in a layer format so I can re-use the graphic.  The window frame and sill were texturized to  simulate wood-grain. Although I had originally envisioned a different perspective, I have changed it so that the viewer can now look directly at and out the window.


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