This page is dedicated to my sister Yvonne (aka Von, Vonny or Starling)  who passed away May 29th, 2013 from cancer to her liver.

We had both started the journey of digital painting in 2005.  Our most fun discussion topic was, "what shall we paint"?, "what shall we paint for the competition"? or "try this brush or filter"!  Besides sharing our love of art, we were as close to sisters as can be and a true friend.  

I wanted to dedicate this page to her and her wonderful digital artwork.  She loved details and would take forever with special care to draw and paint it.  She never got used to using her pen and tablet, so all her work was done with the "mouse".  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Click the image to go to Yvonne's gallery.  If it requests a password, please enter: yvonne

Yvonne's Gallery

Thank you for visiting :).

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